Joe Hier with Bono of U2


Hollywood U2 front man Joe Hier was invited by Bono on stage during U2's recent i.e. tour to sing a duet with Bono and U2.

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Joe Hier with Bono of U2 performing live


The Wall Street Journal named this performance as #2 in the TOP ten must watch performances of U2's i.e. tour a list that included performances by Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga and Paul Simon.

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Bono said Joe Hier sang beautifully2


Bono and The Edge both raved about Joe Hier's performance in a KROQ radio interview: Bono said "He was the spilt of me .... He sang beautifully". The Edge said "He knew the song better than we did!"

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Hollywood U2 are the ONLY U2 tribute band to play's World's Great Tribute Bands


While other U2 tributes proclaim themselves to be the "World's Greatest U2 Tribute", ONLY Hollywood U2 were given that title by Mark Cuban - They are the ONLY U2 Tribute band to be chosen out of all other U2 tributes as "The World's Greatest Tribute to U2" and perform on his TV Show "The World's Greatest Tribute Bands". They were also the first tribute band on the show to be invited back a second time by popular demand.

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Hollywood U2 are an award winning tribute


Hollywood U2 is an award winning tribute, they recently accepted the "Producers Choice Hollywood Fame Award" for "Outstanding U2 Tribute" and performed live at the award show. Previously they were nominated as "Best Tribute Band" LA MUSIC AWARDS.

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Hollywood U2 perform for A-listers such as Amy Adams


They are the "Choice of the Stars": Academy Award winning actress Amy Adams hired Hollywood U2 to perform at her celebrity A-list birthday party at her home. In attendance and singing along were Robert Downey Jr., Driector Adam Shankman, Jeremy Renner, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jack McBrayer, James Marsden to name a few. It's not uncommon to see celebrities attend Hollywood U2 shows.

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